Catching emotions and what really happens is t the most important task for me as a wedding photographer.

 I must have the best job in the world making beautiful weddings into stories. Actually Im not the one making the stories. You guys are! My job is mainly to catch it for you, helping you remember it as it really was! Not just portraits, but emotional, strong and beautiful pictures telling the story of your beautiful wedding day! 

I am based in Stockholm Sweden, but I shoot weddings all over the world. Nature has always been an inspiration and I just love the adventure of exploring new places, cultures and people, and I believe it makes my photography even stronger! 

So if you like my pictures and plan to get married in Stockholm or any where else in the world Im here to help you. Welcome to take a closer look att my weddings. If you are interested of hiring me - please send me an email as soon as possible so that we can book a first meeting to check out if we are right for each other! My wedding schedule fills upp rather quick so don't hesitate if you are interested. 


(The albums will soon be fully updated, so that you can enjoy the whole wedding days!)



As a little child I draw beautiful princess dresses all day long and when flipped through magazines of photography I dreamt about taking as beautiful pictures as those I saw. I held my first camera - a present from my father - in my hand when I was 7 years old, and from then on I've been taking pictures of the world around me.


I bought my first analog SLR-camera when I was 14. Since then I've always been striving to develop my photography both artistically and technically, thus keeping my self up to date with the necessary techniques and the best equipment. 

But most imprtantly, photography has always been for me a way to express my self and to tell a story. Art is freedom for me and I also love painting, dancing, singing, architecture and movies. Creativity is a very precious thing and I believe it must be fed with our own life and experiences.

Enough about me! The most important thing is to find out if you like my pictures! 

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